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Help me Bob Dale Gloves, you're my only hope!

I received a pair of Gander Brand 1221's through my last job about 2 years ago, these gloves have been my "go to's" for the winter's since then, as a tower climber its hard to find winter gloves that keep my hands warm and safe, as well as surviving for more than a jobsite. But these trusty Gander Brand 1221's have been through the harshest conditions and pulled through! 

Until yesterday....

After countless climbs, burning thousands of yards of rope and steel cable, grabbing onto cold, galvanized, pokey steel for two long, harsh winter's, my trusty Gander Brand 1221's bid a sweet farewell on their final climb....

All my Google searches point to your site, but alas...  no Gander Brand 1221's... I see many other Gander Brand gloves in your site, but I know for certain that they do not compare to my Gander Brand 1221's. Please can you find me a pair?? I need my hands to stay warm and safe this winter :)

Don't make me buy those s*** "Blank" haha

Photos for proof, cheers, and I hope to hear from you soon! 

David Sobolewsk


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