• BDGplanet™

    Designed to not only protect the user, our ecological gloves and apparel are designed to respect and protect our planet as well. BDGplanet™ products are crafted to reduce our impact on the environment. Lend your hand in making a direct and positive impact on combating climate change.

  • Rating Standards

    Our commitment is to have BDG products tested and claims verified by third party laboratories based on industry standards including ANSI, EN, CE, and ISO. We strive to certify our claims; being a company that is trusted and honest is important to us.

  • BDG Protected by Koroyd

    JOINING FORCES TO REDUCE FORCES Koroyd adds structural reinforcement to the protective elastomer and then redirects force from an impact, absorbing energy from multiple hits without compromising on usability.

  • Fact Sheets

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  • Industry & Trades Charts

    BDG charts are created to highlight gloves and PPE specific to an industry or tradesperson daily needs.

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