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  • New BDG® 21 Gauge

    A full spectrum of hand protection. Lightweight 21 gauge cut resistant gloves.

  • BDGplanetTM

    Designed to not only protect the user, our ecological gloves and apparel are designed to respect and protect our planet as well.

  • Abrasion Resistant

    Protect hands from friction and mechanical damage. Our abrasion resistant gloves are designed to withstand repeated wear and friction caused by everyday tasks.

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  • Arc Flash Resistant

    Protect your workers against burns caused by an explosive release of electrical energy passing through the air. These explosions can stem from human error, equipment failure, and corrosion on surfaces of conductors. Our arc flash resistant gloves and apparel are tested and measured for calories/cm² to shield from heat and burns.

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  • Chemical Resistant

    Shield hands from hazardous compounds and waste found on the job. From oils and fuels to acids and caustics, our chemical resistant gloves have you covered.

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  • Cold Resistant

    When working outside in the frigid weather or inside in a cold room, you need to protect your hands from freezing temperatures and risk of frostbite. Our BDG® lined gloves and apparel are designed to protect staff in cold weather.

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  • Cut Resistant

    Shield hands from sharp objects and tools. Our BDG® cut resistant work gloves are designed to protect while being comfortable to wear.

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  • Flame Resistant

    Our flame resistant gloves are designed to protect workers from open flames and flashes. The specialized materials prevent combustion while keeping you safe from burns.

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  • Heat Resistant

    Protect hands from low to high heat temperatures. Our durable gloves are crafted to shield workers as they interact with hot objects and surfaces.

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  • Impact Resistant

    Impact dangers are all around the worksite. External hazards from drops, impact, or blunt force can crush or injure knuckles and fingers. Following ANSI/ISEA 138-2019 standards, BDG® offers a number of safety solutions to protect workers from these hazards.

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  • Liquid Resistant

    Whether it's from natural elements or water sources on your job site, protecting workers from liquids is important for their comfort and safety. These high-quality gloves keep hands comfortable and dry.

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  • Oil Resistant

    Keep hands dry and protected while handling petroleum and site equipment. Our treated gloves repel oil while shielding from other site hazards.

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  • Puncture Resistant

    From metal to glass, shield hands from sharp objects. Our puncture resistant gloves are durable while providing comfort and flexibility.

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  • Tear Resistant

    Made of quality fabrics and materials, our tear resistant gloves are made to last through repeated wears and extensive use. These tested designs provide durable resistance and comfort.

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  • Water Resistant

    Working in wet and damp conditions? Our water-resistant gloves keep hands dry and protected.

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Construction gloves need to provide protection from sharp and dangerous machinery. Our designs offer impact resistance, durability, and flexibility.

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