Our Safety Practices

At Bob Dale Gloves (BDG®), we take pride in our staff, business partners, and community. As such, we are taking steps to help do our part in protecting people and business during these uncertain times.

Due to the world-wide risks linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing announcements by the federal government and World Health Organization, BDG® has implemented a specific action plan to protect our employees, limit of the spread of the virus, and keep continuity of business activities.

1. Our warehouses are open and continue to receive and ship goods as per federal, provincial/state and municipal guidelines.

2. Our offices are closed to non-essential visitors.

3. We have implemented alternative working programs, including working from home or remotely, virtual or electronic meetings, rotational schedules, and warehouse shifts.

4. We are prioritizing inventories to support urgent PPE needs from our customers and communities, reviewing ongoing updates, and changing our supply chain process as directed by governing bodies.

5. We continue to monitor the situation and will adjust as we get new information and direction daily.

We thank you for your understanding.